Haute Route 2020

I am considering HR Ashville for 2020. Am I crazy to consider this event when the longest climbing day I’ve ever done is 7500’ and that was 12 years ago. Most of the climbing we have in our area is relatively tame. a big day is 3600’ On a cycling vacation we may get in a few 5500’ days. The distance doesn’t concern me but the back to back vert is my concern. Any thoughts?

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Power is power! Lots of athletes don’t have the ability to to do any climbing before climbing big events but they pound out the sweet spot and threshold work to prepare for those type of efforts.

Of course there are things you will want to do to be prepared for that climbing. Such as making sure you have the proper gears. The more you can spin up the climbs the more you can save your leg muscles and back. Those are the things that can bother you a lot while climbing. Compact chaing rings of 52 - 36 and on the rear having something like a 11 - 30 could make life easier for all the climbing. Also make sure you have a good position on the bike goes on top of that.

Just put in the proper training and you will be all set! We have plenty of training plans that can help you be at your best. Also one on one coaching with coaches who have completed such big rides and races! So they can speak and train though experience.


Thank you Jake. Always appreciate your insight and speedy response.

We do have the right bikes right gearing now the decision is this the goal we want to pursue in 2020? The podcasts and talking about the races, Iceman, SBG, Phil Fondo, Haute Route etc are super inspiring. Maybe a future podcast could be about various races and helping establish 2020 goals. I live in MT, my connections with the road scene are sparse. I love the podcasts just for the “bike talk” I think San Fran Haute Route is probably better timing given our winter and spring weather. I just think Asheville looks like a WAY cool city to visit, the blue ridge riding looks spectacular.

Again thanks for your response.


Yeah the later in the year Haute is good as it gives you all summer and ample time to train! Heck just saw the news about a bunch of snow in Montana, and by a bunch I mean feet!!

The good thing about Asheville is that it is at least in late May so not super early. I know coming from Indiana and racing in Souther California as a pro in early March was always tough. Basically coming off the trainer into races where guys have been actually racing for a month!

Ideally before an event like that you would like to get a solid 12 weeks of training and towards the back end of that some simulation workouts where you replicate the distance and substantial efforts. So looking at late Aril and early May. But before that if you can still get in consistently 1 - 2 hour rides with an occasional 3 - 4 hour ride on the weekend I believe you would be more than prepared. That pretty much is the pattern of our intermediate training plans.

Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains are quite spectacular. I find that the roads tend to be more twisty, tree covered and etc which is pretty nice to ride on.

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I always enjoy these episodes too. It’s a nice way to hear some strategy and details about rides we might add to our “bucket list” of events we all maintain.


Sweet! That’s within reach.

and sadly, the view out my window is full on winter. The temps are even more dreadful. The good news is this is somewhat unusual so hopefully soon I’ll be able to crank out some fall rides.

My thought is to start the Resistance Training Plan October 28th followed by the 12 weeks of SS. That brings us to HO Asheville. We can get to the desert @ least one week in April. Generally speaking we have gotten out for some 3-4 hour rides in MT during the winter, however last year was an exceptional snow year and that just did not happen.
I want and need both a challenging and inspirational goal. Thanks for your feedback. This may tick all the boxes.

Coming to this thread late but its all about choosing a BIG goal and then training for it. Anything goes!

The Haute Route is awesome as I’m sure you have heard from our podcast. The “How to Plan Your Races for 2019” is another good listen for this time of the year :slight_smile:


Plenty of athletes participate in the Haute Route from flat areas and one of the reasons they do is the chance to climb. So just because you don’t live in Colorado or some place where you can climb , don’t let that stand in your way.


Frank - Thank you for your response and podcast. I look forward to them every week. I’ll check out the podcast link you included in your response.

I did Haute Route Asheville last year and loved it. I did 18 week of sweetspot and I think the Hilly Gravel Grind plan prior to the event (because I had some gravel races ) and felt pretty strong the whole weekend. Just put in your time and you’ll be totally prepared.


Great to get this feedback as well. Thank you.

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I also forgot about this podcast too on the all the haute routes and training for them:

I though a compact was 50/34?

Compact seems to be anything that fits onto a 110 crank bolt circumference. Originally this was a 50/34, but now you can do anything from a 52/36 to even SRAMs new 46/33. The options are nearly endless.

In the rear your can 11-32 or with the new SRAM 12 speed they have 10-33. Of course some single geared bikes have smaller gears.

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