Guidelines for younger training plan athletes

Hey gang, looking for advice/guidelines for being 25, an experienced racer, and training lots. I am currently on the full-meal-deal advanced off-season training plan with sweet spot and interval plans to follow. This is my second year on the Fascat program and I can handle more. What are some best practises when it comes to adding some extra credit to the plans?


Just remember more is not always better. Look back to see how you have done previously. You don’t want big jumps in how much training you complete. Being an experienced racer with lots of training you should have a good idea of that.

First and foremost remember you want to focus on quality over quantity. What are you racing for? What are your goals? Are you doing stage races? Criteriums? Gravel events? No reason to train 20 + hours a week if you aren’t doing long stage races.

So if you want to add time look to add in endurance training on days that come before rest days. Mostly Thursday’s and Sundays, even a little bit on Saturdays after efforts or group rides. You can get in 8 - 12 hours in just a weekend. But you have to make sure this does not effect you intervals come Tuesday. So add more towards the end of the block before a regeneration week.

Speaking of regeneration weeks make sure to not add time there! Recover! That is when you get faster. If you train more but are not recovering you will never get faster. That is why you need to find the proper balance of how much you train.


Thanks Coach Jake! :raised_hands: