[GRAVEL] Off-Season Plan Starting in October and Prep for 2020?

Hi Team –

I have two more events left this season, (1) Rebecca’s Private Idaho [Sept 1] and (2) Old Growth Classic [Sept 15], and plan to start off-season training in October. My first race in 2020 will be the Lost and Found Gravel Grinder in early-June.

I am curious what plan(s) you would recommend for off-season training and the build up to the Lost and Found?

Thank you!

PS: If you have a recommendation for the last 6-weeks before Rebecca’s Private Idaho, I would be interested in that as well.

I’d recommend the off-season plan with Sweet Spot base


Then you can roll into the gravel plan.


With the weather still decent in October I tend to like athletes do this foundation plan or something similar to keep the fitness up and get a jump start on some strength work with muscle tension.


Hi @richardsmith! For Rebecca’s here’s our tried an true Gravel plan that athletes have used for RPI last year (read the reviews).


For Lost n Found 2020 work backwards and identify how many weeks you have to train starting October 1st. Then our 32 week off season is the best:

Thanks Frank! The 32-week is exactly what I am after.

One last question, what is the delta between the Gravel Plan and the in-season Gravel Plan? I actually have the In-Season Gravel Plan.

Thanks again.

Delta? As in difference? Read both product descriptions - I think that helps describe the difference the best. The key difference is if you are already in shape or need to whip yourself into shape (have not done a gravel even yet this year.

Sounds like ‘in season’ based on your quote, ‘2 events left this year’ . Hope that helps!

Yep. That is perfect. Thanks!

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