Gravel Locos Hico, TX May 2023

What gravel plan would you suggest for Gravel Locos Hico. No big climbs, rolling hills. I am doing the 110 miles in May 2023. I have my SS off season set to leave me 6 weeks prior to the event to slot in the perfect gravel plan.



Definitely our 30 week off season plan starting NOW

Our 30 week plan includes 3 all new re-designed plan for 2022 that are optimized when paired together:

  1. 3 week Fall Foundation (new for 2022 :boom:)

  2. 10 Weeks of Weight Lifting (new for 2022 :boom:)

  3. 16 Weeks of Sweet Spot (new for 2022 :boom:)

then our Gravel “Flat” six week plan - the advanced version if you have the time!

Sweet, thanks BigCat!!!

I have the weight lifting and SS plan and they are loaded on my calendar.
Looking forward to the gravel plan.