Getting workouts onto GIANT NEOSTRACK

Hey all, I purchased the Weights + Base training plan and am going to be starting it on 10/28/19 However I have really been struggling to wrap my head around it as a whole as i’ve never taken on a training plan like this before.

I currently have a Giant NEOSTRACK head unit (this will be changing soon but not sure what to) as well as a Tacx flux direct drive trainer and a stages power meter on my outdoor bike.

I really don’t have any idea how to get my training program to be able to be seen on my head unit. I really want to have this be a pleasant experience with useful workouts that are able to be utilized to their fullest extent but my lack of knowledge on the computer side is really something causing me a lot of headache and irritation.

any info would be extremely appreciated

So I am not familiar with the Giant NEOSTRACK computer. But my guess is you would need to download the NEOSTRACK app to your phone and pair your workouts that way. Once you pair it to TrainingPeaks your workouts should be available on the head unit.

thanks for looking into it. I have the NeosTrack app as well as the TrainingPeaks app it’s just not user friendly at all (at least not for me) but I’ll do some asking to giant as well

We mostly deal with Garmin and Wahoo. Wahoo seems to be the most cycling friendly so if you every look into getting a new one that is the direction you should look. Frank and Jackson discuss it a bit in our buyers guide podcast.

But with that said you should be able to complete and enjoy the training plan with what you have! Don’t let the technology overwhelm you from the training you can be completing. Most workouts are easy enough to complete by memory and just hitting the lap button.


Honestly Taylor - the plan tells you how hard to go and for how long, how much, and so forth. What you are trying to do is a TrainingPeaks software feature. We are coaches - we tell you what to do :smile:

As far as the tech part of the plan goes we try to help but that still doesn’t change the training. A stopwatch and your brain is really all you need to follow the plan!

That said the one feature we can point your toward is exporting your workout with this handy dandy drop down arrow button in the upper left of each workout: