FTP Test with InsideRide Rollers

I know there are a number of FTP test questions but I couldn’t find an answer to this one.

I’m new to Fascat…just purchased the 18 week sweet spot plan and monthly coaching support program.

I’ve been using TrainerRoad for a while and intend to run the Training Peaks program through TrainerRoad. I also recently sold my Tacx Neo 2 and replaced it with Insideride E-motion rollers (complete set up with front fork mount and smart trainer system).

I train in ERG mode but understand that’s not advisable for this FTP test.

3 questions:

For those who have the E-motion rollers, what settings do you apply within TrainerRoad for the FTP test?

Also, in the event that I can’t figure it out is there issue with just using my FTP from TrainerRoad for my new plan?

Or, can I do the FTP test in ERG with my current FTP that I have from Trainerroad?

Thanks in advance…

Ok I think I figured it out with trying different things the past 2 days and I’ll post my update in case it’s useful to others.

Yesterday I hooked up my Garmin and unplugged the InsideRide “smart package source” - I didn’t have a program so I just based my ride for 60-70% of my FTP. I set the Garmin to indoor mode and it all seemed to worked fine.

Today I plugged in the “power package” and picked an endurance program from Trainerroad. In the program device settings I disabled ERG mode and used my gearing to hit the targets which worked well too.

As long as I can pull my Training Peaks Fascat workouts into Trainerroad then I think the TR platform with ERG disabled is the way to go with these rollers.

I must say it was nice to not use ERG for once.

My specific setup below - front mount rollers with smart package and Trainerroad as the platform.