FTP on Road Bike versus FTP on a Velomobile (that's right a velomobile)

In February I had my FTP determined on my road bike on an indoor power meter. I was pegged at 175w for my FTP. The coach said it doesn’t matter that I ride a velomobile during cycling months (I’m in Minnesota)- FTP on a road bike is applicable on a recumbent. My velomobile is an all carbon fiber rocket with two wheels in front and a drive wheel in back.
Before joining FasCat I engaged a coach that quickly determined my FTP was way over 175 based on the data I was producing in the velomobile.
Is it true that the FTP from my road bike can be applied to my velomobile?
I suppose I could just do the 20 minute FTP test in my velomobile.
Appreciate your considerations on this matter.

I would not apply your road bike FTP to your velomobile FTP. They are quite different positions and using muscles diffenrt.

I’m not surprised that I need a separate FTP. And I agree with you that the two bikes use different muscle groups.
From the ride data I’ve accumulated in TrainingPeaks with my velomobile is it possible to determine what my FTP is? I rode a hard 200K brevet with a TSS at 400 so perhaps this data could be used.
Thank you- Don

You can look at your past data.

Look for your best 20 minute power and take 95% of that. Or look at your best 1 hour normalized power average and you can use that.

Thank you. I think I found the workout on my velomobile that confirms perhaps my FTP is close to my road bike FTP.

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