FTP on a Peloton bike

I’m starting the Hill intervals -basic plan tomorrow. I’m a newer rider and I don’t currently have a power meter. Additionally, it’s supposed to rain here in central California all week. I do have a Peloton bike and have done FTP tests and power zone rides so I’m familiar with the concept and have used the zones during the Peloton rides. Can I do my FTP test on the Peloton for this program?

Yes. It’s a ‘bike’ and watts are watts. However you’ll just want to know that the Peleton and your powermeter on your other bike are consistent with each other. This way you know you are hitting the correct targets and zones whether inside or outside.

No real way to tell for sure but look at your heart rate and perceived exertion while riding to see if it’s similar between the two bikes at certain power zones.

Thank you, I’m looking forward to seeing progress on the hills!


Read this training tip @juliecoleman and remember: if you go as hard as you can for the entire 20 minutes you’ll be #FtFP’ing

Good article- air circulation, a good meal and hydration are key along with remembering to pace myself to save some energy to get to the end of the 20 minutes!

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Julie-My experience with Peloton bike that it was under measuring power vs my Kurt Kinetic and Quarq Dfour power meters. My guesstimate was about 10-15%. I agree with Jack HR and perceived exertion is the way to go at the beginning.

Agree, my Peloton power is ~8-10% less than my Stages power meter when riding outside.

Agreed regarding power inconsistency. Nothing empirical here but my only real FTP tests have been on the Pelton and while watts are watts… the watts on my (wife’s) Peloton are waaaay more painful :wink: even with the door open and a big fan on me. (For example, a high zone 2 is not that comfortable on the Peloton, and on the bike, it’s easier going).
I’ve used Strava estimated 5-week power in the past when consistently on my bike outdoors and have a Powertap rear hub. I probably should set up the bike on a trainer and give it a go…

I wish I had a good place here in Santa Cruz, Ca for a 20 minute FTP test. There is a climb up Bonny Doon Rd in the Santa Cruz Mountains which I think can hit the 20-minute mark well without too many dipps or stops, but good sections of it are a pretty steep climb (Average grade is 5.8%. 44% of the climb is at 0-5% grade, 36% is at 5-10%, and 18% is at 10-15%. The steepest quarter-mile is 12.4%) so the watts will be too high from what I understand with FTP testing.

Highway One leaving town is soooooo variable with wind on the coast and there are some slight descents that make it really hard to keep the power on the pedals (compact gear ratios). Everywhere else seems to have stoplights, stop signs, road crossing, descents/ascents, etc., that breaks up the 20 minutes…

So for me Peloton and Matt Wilpers FTP Test classes are great.