FTP hasn'incresed despite feeling good

Hi all . Completed sweet spot 1 and 2 … and did an ftp test at the end of plan 2 … today
I loved the plans …really enjoyed them both
Felt good and strong going through the weeks
But my FTP didn’t move … maybe I was on a poor day… but I’m sure I have gained …but no imperial evidence…
Any insights

I have now signed up for Sweet S 3 … starting next week
Should I move my ftp ???

I had similar feelings during the first 10 weeks of my 18 week SS plan. I just kept doing the workouts but didn’t really believe they were working. I am at week 14 now and in the last few free rides have noticed huge improvements in my riding overall. During Zwift races I would get dropped on the last lap of the B races but now I am able to hang with the front group.

If the workouts are not challenging maybe bump it up 10 watts and see if you can still complete them.

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Tks for that
Yes I will try pushing the ftp up a little …

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