FTP determination from crit?

To determine my current FTP, should I just use the NP from the first 20 minutes of my last crit, or go out and do a field test? The crit varied from 800W to 0, for an average of 281W or a NP of 283W. The field test would be a lot smoother of course, but am wondering if that matters. Thanks in advance!

It does matter a bit. A high variable index (VI can see on TrainingPeaks) can skew the numbers a bit. Also to use normalized power you need to use 60 minutes.

Here is a podcast on it

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Coach Jake is right - use 60 minutes or the WHOLE Crit (for ex, 46 minutes) - if your norm power was higher than what you have your FTP set at dive deeper into your data. We made a video from the podcast here:

But also if you wanted us to analyze your data from this race , that’s included in our nee Coaching Subscription!