Frank and Jackson Talk Dirty Kanza and How to Go Plant-Based

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This week Frank and Jackson sit down to help each other out and answer some questions. Jackson is training for his first Dirty Kanza, and asked Frank to coach him through the overview of the next 3 months of preparation. Things like:

Macro-scale training plan design, weekly and monthly hours on the bike

Training camp ideas

What DK simulation rides should look like

How to incorporate intensity and tapering for an event like Dirty Kanza

And then to repay Frank’s wisdom, Jackson helped Frank with some questions about plant-based nutrition, such as:

How much protein should I have per meal?

What are some potential things I may be missing?

What about the Impossible Burger? Is it healthy?

We have a great back and forth conversation about these topics, and hopefully you can glean some valuable information for your own training, racing, and nutrition goals!

Notable resources and mentions:

DK talk with Amity Rockwell and Pete Stetina

Vitamin B12: and Jackson’s preferred supplement:

Jackson’s podcast:

Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition

Plant Based Sports Nutrition