Form has dropped off - any thoughts?

This is probably a dumb question, but any ideas why my has form suddenly dropped off in the last month? Brief background below - any thoughts very welcome.

Summer/Autumn: I had a decent training plan / progress going up until 31 October when I had a crash which resulted in a couple of bone fractures, putting me off the bike for pretty much all of November. Until that point I was around 350-355W for an hour (4.6wkg).

November: Off the bike completely apart from a couple of gentle turbo sessions

December/early Jan: Solely indoor rides since then, including mainly 15mn fullgas sessions and 45mn fullgas sessions climbing Bologna TT and the Alpe on Zwift. Plus some Z2. Initial post-recovery signs were great and by start of January I was back up around 355W for an hour again and 375W for 25mns, feeling fresh, with PBs on both routes (around 15:50 on Bologna and 42:45 on Alpe if anyone uses Zwift)

BUT since around mid-Jan I have noticed a significant drop in power, with even holding 360W for 20mns being relatively tough and around 1 minute behind PB time on the 15mn effort. I have taken a lot of rest days in Jan/Feb to try to recover but have not come back particularly strong.

My conclusion is that in Dec/early Jan I was reaping the rewards off a strong summer/autumn training plan plus a decent break in November, but that my combined volume/training load in December was not sufficient to continue the gains and I did not follow a structured plan in that time either. Which makes sense but I did not expect such a sudden/sharp drop off as a result of that and I was experiencing steady improvement till then. Any thoughts?

I’ve signed up for the full 18 week SS plan in any case to try to build back up more slowly and regain aerobic fitness, but wondering whether I am missing something really obvious.

I have added my training zone profile as an attachment if that helps - thanks!


Its hard knowing exactly without seeing more data points, and of course there could be quite a few things at play. But just from a birds eye view of what you listed here. This is my guess.
You took a big break in November and then got back on the bike and very quickly ramped up your training and started doing pretty long full gas efforts very quickly. What is common to see when athletes do this is a very quick ramp in form and then a just as quick plateau. This is the classic get in shape fast training method that also can result in short lasting from.
I think the 18week plan will help big time in building a bit more foundation for you to hold form on.


I think that’s spot on, thanks. There are probably a couple of other factors but missing the foundation over a few months is the main one. Surprised to see how suddenly it happens. Will keep you posted after 18 weeks as to the results.

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