Fondos cancelled - Big climb planned

So both of my gran fondo’s (July., September) being cancelled I’ve set a goal: I’m planning on doing a big climb late August - Mount Revelstoke. There’s a mass start hillclimb that traditionally takes place on this date, but if it doesn’t, I am still planning on being there to ride it.

It’s only 90 minutes away: 15 hairpins, 25kms, 1500m elevation gain. Super steady at almost all between 4-6 percent and nothing over 10.
Two questions:

  1. What plans to follow:
    I’m going to be done SS2 on June 16th and wondering how to build from there.
    Sweet Spot 3 and then what? Hill climb intervals or the 40k TT plan or other?
    Question 2: how to estimate estimating time and pacing, power. We know the length and gradient of the climb, and we have my weight, bike’s weight, and current FTP, so is there an easy way to approximate how long it will take? I am hopefully going to get in one full recon ride between now and then.

And if anyone wants to come join (assuming the border is open) you’re more than welcome to. We’ll be socially distant by the first switchback. :laughing:.

Thanks friends!

With a climb that long I would recommend our Strava KOM plan. Choose > 15 minutes.

For an effort that might take 90 minutes or longer you are going to rely on your aerobic fitness heavily. So the sweet spot 2 and 3 will be crucial! On weekends try to do long efforts at sweet spot so you get comfortable holding this power for extended periods of time.

It is hard to determine what your time will be. Factors such as weather can make it difficult. But look on the leader board and you can break the leader board into by weight. So find your weight class and see if someone held a similar power to what you can do.

For an effort that is 90 minutes you would look to hold 90 - 95% of your FTP. It would be important not to go over early on. Another thing you can do is look back at your hardest rides and see what your peak 90 minute normalized power has been. You can see your peak 90 minute power or longer by looking at your power duration curve in the dashboard view of TrainingPeaks. Again another way to help determine pacing.

But with that said as you complete the Strava plan you will have opportunities to do so,Iliad efforts that are building up to that duration. So you will have a better understanding of your capabilities. Again you should be doing some longer steadier efforts now on your long sweet spot weekend rides.

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