Fondo or In Season Intervals? Which plan to follow?

My Arace event is 25th July 2021, which is a Fondo on rolling roads, 145 Kms long.

I’m currently on recovery week before starting Sweet Spot 3 on 22nd March.

I’m unsure as to which plan to follow to peak for the 25th July.

I was thinking, SS3, then Road Race in season (we are racing all year round in South Australia-I use the Sunday races as a hard Group ride or C races) then the Fondo plan.

I applied this to Training Peaks, but my CTL and form will drop from my current level *88)

Do you have any advice as to which would be the optimum way to plan this out?

You are on the right track @c4col - “remember watts wins races not CTL” - quote from last week’s podcast.


Cheers @FRANK .
It was listening to this podcast where I had that light-bulb moment of how to structure my plan for the event.
Couldn’t do it without you guys :wink:

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