Fixing power spike in TP

Title says it all,
This sunday ride, for some reason i had a power spike of 1940W for 1 sec, and 1453 for 5 secs. Which is impossible for me:
So is there a way i can tell TP to ignore these values?

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Bruno Feijão

That’s for WKO4 and not TP.
Unless the process is the same for both? Is that it?

I haven’t tried it to fix bad data so not sure how it would affect the overall numbers but have cut parts of a ride file out (usually when I forgot to turn my Garmin off). If you highlight the portion of the ride in the graph with the bad data you can then choose to cut that part of the file out.


From the analysis window: highlight the power spike (5 sec, for ex) and click ‘cut’ in the upper left of the power data and presto, poof - data will be cut out. Happens a lot.


Ty @jamesbongard and @FRANK , that did the trick.

sorry, in addition to what Frank wrote you can click on the Charts Library and drag a Data Grid to your analysis page:

and then zoom in to the spike, select it, and it will highlight that row in the Data Grid. In this example I can change 831W to another value:


Thank you very much for that info. :+1:

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Great info for me thanks

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You can also highlight the area, then click the watts button on the chart then click “fix”


Cool, did not know that either.
Thx mate.