First Criterium prep


I am doing the basic sweet spot program and looking into doing my first Criterium this Sat 8-10-19, Cat 5 it’s for 30 min…

Anyone offer advice on prep, as far as warm up, rest days before? Etc.

Thanks in advance…

You should start our criterium plan! I twill be good to get in some higher intensity to prepare for criterium racing. It’s a different beast than just steady riding. The sweet spot riding you have been doing is a great base and starting point. You will get stronger. But the criterium plan will help you get fast!

With a criterium the power is mostly on / off. So if you look at the power distribution most time will be spent in zone 1 and zone 6 + .

You will want to take an off day two days out, the day before you will want to do race openers, example zone 2 ride for 60 minutes and include 4 x 45 seconds full gas with 90 seconds rest between.

As for a warm up you will want to get in 20 minutes. Start with zone 1 and 2. Do a ramp up to zone 4 and then finish with 2 x 30 seconds Full gas with 1 minute rest. Similar to FTP test warm up protocol.


Thank you very much for the advice…Road Racing is winding down here, so I wanted to get one in to see what it’s like…

Typically fast and like I said constant on and off. Positioning is very important. Riding near the front allows you to see the corners better and brake less. Meaning less accelerating after the corner so saving energy.

Don’t hesitate in a crit and always react. Things happen fast. Follow wheels when others are moving up or if two or three attack.

If there are prime laps you can use those to practice your sprint finish. Know where you’d like to be positioned, when you should start your sprint. I’d recommend earlier than later in the finish. It’s hard to past riders in the last 200-300 meters especially if they get a jump.

Good luck and have fun!!


We have a Criterium Training Tip:

and a Criterium Tactics tip from the FasCat Coaching that may help with race decisions:

Good luck and Coach Jake is right about the Crit Intervals plan if you have time!

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