Firecracker 50 tire advice

With impending rain for Breckinridge, was wondering if I should stick to Rekon race/ ikon tires or go for mud/ wet tires like forekaster?

I would not sweat it. Breck is more rocky than it is muddy. Make sure those are tubeless setups (if they aren’t already). If you post a link of the two tires you are talking about I can answer better.

I have now

Or switch to for mud and wet

I used my ShockWiz last night at Heil. Adding another token to fork tonight and lowering air pressure. I thought it replicates how rocky the descents are in Breckinridge. Tires are set up tubeless with orange seal endurance. Running 19 psi front and 21 rear.

Let me know if you want to borrow my ShockWiz sometime Frank. It’s pretty awesome!

I’d stick with your front/rear combo - even if it rains it is not that muddy, more grimy than anything :joy:

I think this Rekon and Ikon set up will be great. I love the Ikon!

Thanks Frank and Brandon! Again, if you want borrow my ShockWiz sometime let me know. Last night was the first time at Heil that I’ve ever passed people. #winninginthkitxhen (-36 lbs total so far since February, of which -26 pounds lighter than last year’s racing weight!)