Finishing Resistance Training/Sweet Spot, Whats Next?

I am training for LoToJa and will finish the Resistance/Sweet Spot plan the week of June 22, and am wondering which plan would be best to follow up. I am thinking of taking a week break in between plans and starting the next plan the week of July 6. That will give me a couple of free weeks before LoToJa. I am considering Hill climbing Intervals, Fondo or Sweet Spot 4. Is there one of these you would recommend?

How many weeks exactly are we talking? Lotaja is a long ride! So you need a huge aerobic base. So your best plan would be to do the Fondo plan and have it finish the week of your event. It will have the proper taper into Lotaja for you so you are not detraining. So that plan is 6 weeks long. If you have more than 6 weeks you should start Sweet Spot 4 after your rest week. If you need to stop this one after the first regeneration week to star the Fondo plan that would be pretty perfect!

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Thanks, LoToJa is Sept. 12, so there are 10 weeks from July 6. I will start Sweet Spot 4 and finish with Fondo.