Finished SS and Road Intervals, what next?

I just finished the 18 week SS plan and finished the 6 week road race interval plan. My first A race just finished on June 30th. Got a 3rd place in the Lyons Ned Omnium in the Boulder area! Thanks to some awesome training plans from FasCat coaching!! My next A race is the Steamboat Springs Stage race on August 31st. My last rest week was June 10th with a TSS of 286. Last week, prior to the Lyons Ned Omnium my TSS was 197. This is a 2 part question with a hurdle. What training plan should I do next? And, I’ll be traveling to France to ride some of the last 6 stages of the TdF. I’ll likely have a TSS of about 980 - about 327 miles and 36,903 ft of climbing. I realize the ramp rate from the prior week to the TdF week isn’t ideal. Thoughts on what plan will fit in this and how I should structure rest weeks? I’ll likely take some days off following the 980 TSS week. Thanks for the great plans and the awesome advice!

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First of all great job on your 3rd place in the Lyons Ned Omnium. That was a tough race!

For Steamboat Stage race give our stage race plan a try.

As far as when you should have rest weeks that is more a personal coaching question. Or even a coaching subscription. We could arrange the training plan to fit around your schedule and trip to France

I’d recommend taking a few easy days before your trip and after your trip. You’ll want to be fresh going into the big riding and training. And then also you will definitely want to recover after such a big week! But even taking the easy days you will have plenty of time to complete the workouts and build for Steamboat. Should be able to get two weeks before your trip, rest, trip, rest and a solid 3 week block before you taper into Steamboat.