Field Test Post 18 weeks of Sweet Spot

Planning on finishing up 18 weeks of sweet spot base and can see the field test is scheduled for Tuesday in the final week. If I wanted to move into SS4 Polarised or Race Intervals which seems to be the general advice within the forum from coaches and the final week should be a regen plan before starting the new plan, should I leave the field test on Tuesday or move it to Wednesday then continue with the regen protocol from a prior regen week. (Ie. do field test Wednesday as opposed to Tue, rest Thursday, back at it Fri, etc)

Hey @Yogi,
Congrats on finishing up your sweet spotting!
If you plan to do RR intervals, I would do the regeneration week as you have planned with no field test. Then complete the planned field test that is on the first Tuesday in that plan.

If you do SS4, then do the FTP test on Wednesday so that you have 2 days off completely before to allow your body to recover from the hard week at the end of the 18 weeks of SS. Alternatively, SS4 has a field test in week 4 of the plan. So you could opt to wait to do it then.

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Thanks Lacey - haven’t yet finished up or purchased the next plan but just planning the next few weeks out! Thanks very much for the response.