Field Test or New FTP from Group Ride

Hi Frank,

I finished week 6 of SS1 with a Zwift climb up Mont Ventoux - next best thing to a group ride with COVID restrictions in Melbourne.

I set a new FTP on the Saturday ride that was 10 per cent higher than my original field test.

Question is how necessary is it to back up the Ventoux climb 2 days ago with a Field Test tomorrow when Iā€™m going straight into SS2 or Road racing interval training? (Advice appreciated.)

Look forward to hearing your feedback.

Thanks :blush:

If you feel your FTP is accurate there is little to no reason to repeat a field test effort. They are in the plans to make sure that an athlete has an accurate FTP before starting a plan. When most combine plans we often suggest doing an alternate workout. Could move up Wednesday / Thursdays effort to Tuesday / Wednesday or could do something like a 2 x 15 minute threshold effort with 7.5 minutes between which would be a similar workout to the field test effort.

Oh and nothing quite like a Zwift race to yield a new FTP! Every race is like a field test effort. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The Mount Ventoux climb is quite long.