Feedback on my 3-min intervals

I’ve got about 4 years structured training experience, and relatively new to vo2max intervals. When doing vo2 intervals I’ve struggled with repeatability. In addition it has been a long long time since doing 3-min intervals.

Looking for some feedback on my 3 minute intervals workout from SS4.

last one was only 68 seconds, thats all I had.

FWIW here is the relative VO2max estimate:

all comments and feedback welcome.

Let me see if I can help:

What was your average power for your first interval?

What are your zone 5 wattages ?

Let’s work from that

Here are my post-workout notes in TP/WKO:

Haven’t done 3-min intervals in a long time. Based on PDC I was targeting 300-330W. Overcooked the first interval a bit, and on the 4th the legs were cooked so I pulled the plug. Even with only 10 minutes of intensity this was a strong stimulus (for me, at this moment). Going to push hard on completing next week’s 4-min jobbers.

vo2-1: 348W for 3-min
vo2-2: 325W for 3-min
vo2-3: 311W for 3-min
vo2-4: 318W for 1-min

Average 3-min vo2 power: 328W
more realistic: 315-320W

and zones:

Looks like you went too hard for your first interval. If your zone 5 is 276 - 315 you want to not got over 315. Doing 348watts is TOO Hard and you can’t recover and can’t repeat that wattages. Try middle range for all 4 next time - bet you’ll have a better workout:

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thank you Coach Frank!

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