Feedback on 16-week SS training plan, 4 weeks in (good stuff!)

Prompted by the “Feedback please” note four weeks into the 16-week SS training plan, I just wanted to say that so far, things are going well! I’m #ftfp-ing, and I can indeed “feel myself getting stronger.” I really like the simplicity and progressive structure of the Sweet Spot training program. (Previous plans I’ve followed have been so complex that I never really figured out exactly why I was doing specific workouts.)

I’ve not been making use of the Yogaglo account, as I’m currently shoehorning swim, bike, run, rowing, and core exercises into my schedule and don’t feel I’ve got room/time for more. Do want to do more yoga one of these days, though…

Thanks again. Hopefully this relatively slow kitty will someday evolve into a FasCat!