FasCat Athletes Training Camp?

Just thought I throw this idea out there: a gravel training camp for FasCat athletes where we have a chance to meet the coaches and get in some solid early spring/late winter base miles. Have you guys ever thought about doing this or would you be interested in this idea?

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Yes - Steamboat Springs: late June or 4th of July, 2020 :white_check_mark:

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any other camps happening earlier in the year?

At the moment no just due the potential for snow Nov - May. Even early June can get dicey and I know that from one camp we did in 2010 that was c-o-l-d and wet. No fun.

We also suffer from having sea level athletes come up to altitude and essentially breathing thru a straw for 4 days - that is not a good training camp experience. For those 2 reasons we do a lot of camps in warmer winter time weather closer to sea level.

Not counting Steamboat but that is for the SBTG course recon.

The guys at the Cycling House down in Tucson have a great thing going (lodging + food) and they help you #WinInTheKitchen too!


I can attest. The Cycling House trips are top notch. Food is very well done. Vegan, gluten free etc. But the riding and the camp leaders can’t be beat!

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