Failure on Workout

my day said to do 2 x 20 minute FRC efforts…i did the first one…felt really tired but tried to attempt the 2nd one; it just wasn’t there (it was hampered by a cold front tailwind coming thru and with my gearing i spin out around 28 mph) and i was about 15% below target goal after 3 minutes…i just bagged it and completed the tail end of the workout and cool down…Garmin said 40 hours before next workout…i am guessing the correct thing is to not to do todays 2 hour tempo ride???thanks!

First don’t trust the Garmin calculation.

2x20 FRC intervals are probably the hardest efforts you could do. If you weren’t spun out do you think you could have done it? Was your first effort at the power level or over target? Doing 20 minutes at 105% of FTP is doing a field test basically and hard to expect, to impossible, to repeat. Also look at your TSB. If it’s really negative you might be do a rest week.

Best thing might be to start tomorrow as is. Tempo is a much lower effort. Hopefully you recover well tonight. If it’s not there than just bag it and rest. If you’re coming up on a regeneration week pushing through is not bad. If you are in the middle of a block rest might be better.

Probably more questions than answers here but this is a coach type of question. Hard to say without seeing whole picture. But hopefully it helped.

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