Failing my way to success

Hi guys,

Just thought I would share my experience on my 20min power test yesterday.

In short I pulled over to the side of the curb at 13min into the test.


I had one of those days where I just didn’t feel like riding out there alone. I know you know what I mean.

After descending the hill I managed to pull my bottom lip off the ground and re-group. A few things I immediately did. 1) Decided this ride was not to be posted on strava for all to see. 2) Take a break at a cafe but not pig out on sweet food rather consume something healthly. BE GOOD TO MYSELF. 3) Analsye what data I had. I could find several positives regarding the numbers and vs how I felt. A 2020 pb 5min power, 2020 pb 10min power. 22 sec down on my all time pb for the strava segment I completed but same power output. I weigh 2.5 kg heavier now so guess what. Lose weight!

I hope this inspires you to turn around a bad day into a productive one.



Same experience during an interval workout a couple weeks back… Just didn’t have it. I managed to finish, but was pretty discouraged for a couple of days afterwards. Can’t win them all amigo… Just have to remember that I love to be on my bikes and that I’m doing this for personal improvement.


This is exactly what Frank was talking about on the recent video we posted. If you haven’t seen it, you can find it here:

Way to find the positives and analyze the situation to figure out how you can improve in the future. That is a trait of a successful athlete!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled. We are working on designing easy to follow meal plans that will be loaded directly into athletes TrainingPeaks and are tailored to their training and personal goals… one of those will be a weight loss plan :slight_smile:


Same problem here. I’ve “failed” on my last 3 trainer workouts since my FTP went up and I got into FRC intervals. I completely cracked multiple times on a 3x10, couldn’t hit my watts on a SS workout, and couldn’t hit my watts after the first interval on a 4x9 FRC. But I’m going to keep plugging away. :slight_smile: If it’s any consolation, the first time I did SS Bursts I cracked miserably but a few weeks later I was making it through longer intervals with more bursts included. :slight_smile: G

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Sign me up! I can’t weight (pun intended) to see this!

Hey Lacey,
If the meal plan includes things like your Black Bean Burgers - awesome by the way - very much looking forward to this plan.


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