Excel issue, lost zones w sweet spot download

Hi Gentlemen,
My excel subscription auto renewed and removed the fastcat zones w sweet spot download, can’t locate in any files/ downloads/ files or folders. Would you be able to email me a link or can this be located elsewhere?
Btw, I’m enjoying the 16 wk resistance and sweet spot!
Thankyou. Tom

It’s in the field test workout.


Hi Jake,
Thanks for the quick response, I didn’t do field test but input numbers from accumulated recent rides.
I do have the email that plan was sent with, but not sure if it’s ok to reopen?
Thanks tom

Hi Tom,

What Jake was saying is that on day 72, week 11, of the weights + base plan there is a schedule field test. If you open this workout on your computer there is a file in the workout description labeled “FasCat Zones with Sweet Spot” that you can download the spreadsheet.

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Gentlemen, got it!
Thanks much


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