Everything you need to know about Rebecca's Private Idaho

Hello everyone!

Back in action after my 10 day meditation course, and now spending a couple of weeks in my hometown of Sun Valley, Idaho to visit my family. This is also the home of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, which is an awesome event and if you’re into the gravel scene, a must-do weekend as the gravel riding, community, and scenery here is incredible. There’s a 3 day stage race in addition to the main “Big Potato” race, so there’s a ton to do.

I’m planning on filming a series of videos vlog-style breaking down each of the stages with some local knowledge and insight about equipment, tactics, etc. as well as a podcast going into more depth for those of you who are planning on racing (I’ll be there for the weekend but not doing the full stage race this year). If you have questions or want me to cover specific things, please post them in this thread and I’ll do my best to bring the best possible content.



Thanks, @Jackson! This is great. I will be very interested in your thoughts on course condition (washboarding, etc.) after the big winter we just had.

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