Event Report // Gran Fondo Myoko

No idea where to put this, so I’ll drop it in here.

For my season closer, I raced my only event of the 2020-2021 season - Gran Fondo Myoko in Niigata, Japan.

Due to some course changes, this ended up as a 130.94km course with 3,369m of climbing and around 26km of that being pretty rough gravel/mud (not helped by a typhoon sweeping through Japan on the day/days before the race).

Coming into the race, I’d switched across to the Gran Fondo plan and, having already done a “proper” season (resistance > SST > HC intervals > road race intervals > SST polarised), I felt like I was in decent shape.

I went into the event off a decent taper, but felt a bit undercooked (regen week followed by taper week). In any case, I gave it my best shot and started in the wave with the fastest riders.

Long story short, I finished 7th from 99 starters, stopping for less than 3 minutes in total (there were mandatory checkpoints and a bag drop for food/drink replen). I was only a minute or so off 6th, but a fair bit off the podium (top 3 were in a class of their own, including the 2019 Alabama State road and TT champion who lives here now).

This represents a good result for me and I’d certainly recommend the Gran Fondo plan for anyone wanting to do similar events. Lots to work on for next year, but a great start.

FYI, as related to my Ask a Fascat question on equipment, I used Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance road tires with a limited edition “Gridskin” sidewall for more protection (plus, they look cool) in 28 and tubeless. I ran 65psi front and back (light bike and I weigh 64kg) and they handled the job basically perfectly.

Thanks to the Fascat team for producing such amazing plans and being all round smashing folks (photos below from the race photographer or post-event for y’all)


Congrats! Sounds like you had a strong ride. It also looks like a pretty cool event!

I’m glad you tire choice worked out. A 28 mil tubeless tire can be amazingly puncture-resistant and capable off road without any real penalty on the pavement. Great choice.

Sounds like you already know that for your next event you can tweak your taper a little bit.