Endurance training for Gravel 65 year old

I have been using LeeLikes Bikes 12 week base plan which concentrates on sweetspot work and due to covid19 this has mainly been on turbo trainer. However I do not feel that I have improved much over the 12 weeks I followed it. In March I switched to a sort of polarised training schedule which focuses mainly zone 2 work Wed and Sat with red zone on Tuesday and sprint intervals Thursday with a fun ride on Sunday, and have been covering around 100-125 miles per week since March.
I ride MTB and Gravel, don’t like road riding, and have a couple of gravel events on consecutive weekends in Sept, a 45 miler followed by 80 miler the next weekend. I feel my Zone 2/3 effort is sustainable for the time and distance of these events and aim to average 12mph on gravel for the 80 miles but would like to push each zone up a notch or two so that I can either finish in a faster time or enter the 120 mile class and finish in under 10 hours.
Your advice would be appreciated


I would recommend doing our sweet spot 4 plan. This is a version of polarized training. You will go fresh into a high intensity workout on Wednesday’s. These are Vo2 max intervals are beneficial to help increase the maximum oxygen your body can take in and use. Then you will do advance aerobic training with sweet spot training. So you will get a mix.

Then you can complete our 6 week gravel training plan. This will set you up for racing in September. It is a 6 week plan so you want it to finish the same week as your double plan. In this plan is intervals specific to gravel racing including sweet spot, threshold and even Vo2 max intervals. Gravel racing is basically starting hard and holding on to the highest power you can. The weekend has simulation rides where you should ride routes that are similar in length, climbing, gravel and etc to your events.

Here is our training tip on gravel training

Hi Jake
Thanks for prompt reply and the info. I will listen to the training tips but 1 question what do you mean by “It is a 6 week plan so you want it to finish the same week as your double plan”?

Also just to clarify the big event is 19th Sept and the shorter distance is 26th Sept. I got them wrong way round. So I would regard the event on 19th as my A race.


Sorry for the confusion. Have the gravel plan end on the weekend of the 19th. So when you apply the plan have set it to start Monday, August 12th.