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Does anyone have any recommendations for Endocrinologists (and other health care professionals) in the Boulder area that are used to working with athletes? I’ve been having a hard time finding a Dr that can relate to the challenges of being an endurance athlete with autoimmune diseases. The typical response is “you’re in the range, we’re all set”.


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Hey @ibike !
While not in the Boulder area and not an endocrinologist, I have worked with Dr. Nordstrom down here in the Springs. He is an incredible Rheumetologist (and cyclist) who has helped me out tremendously! I can completely relate to the frustration you are having though, as it took me over a year to find him and during that time I had no way to control all the symptoms I was having… which made my performance suffer. So if you ever need anyone to talk to that understands what you are experiencing, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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unfortunately, she doesn’t take insurance, so is quite expensive. i got tremendously sick in 2018 and saw Dr. Silver on advice on how to come back, 2019 was my best year ever! really can’t recommend her enough. She has a pretty deep network as well, so can make referrals if necessary.


Awesome. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Thank you Lacey! I appreciated the offer. I may take you up on that!

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Anytime you want to reach out, you can shoot me an email to lacey@fascatcoaching.com and I will be happy to talk. :blush:

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