Ending 32 Week Plan, Race Planned Afterward

I will be finishing up the 32 week plan on 30 Jun with a road race scheduled for 14 Jul. Race is basically a long hill climb, 52 miles w/9200’ of vert. Suggestions on the time between ending the plan (which has been outstanding) and the race? Thanks!

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Awesome! Give our 6 week hill climb plan a shot.


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Thanks for the replay Jake. I’ve only got ~14 days between the end of the plan and the race. Are you saying to start the hill climb plan? I was thinking a week of dedicated climbing then a taper week. Thoughts?

Week of race should be similar to regeneration week. Include race openers the day before and an off day two days out

As for the week before best thing to do is efforts that are similar to what race day will be. So possibly threshold one day and sweet spot another. The weekend before a simulation ride that is about half the duration of your event but similar intensity.

Perfect Jake, exactly what I was looking for! I’ll get it set up in TP.

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