End of Season Break

Hi all, what is your recommendation on time off at the end of the season? I’ve heard some suggest at least two weeks off annually, and others suggest retaining as much fitness as possible. For background, I’m in my mid 40’s and have been averaging about 10-12 hours a week of riding since early March. Thanks!

Hey Scott!
We recommend taking a short post season break and then jumping into off season training (our 32 week plan is ideal and will reap you the most gains).
We have podcasted and posted blogs about this that I think you will find helpful. I will drop those below for you to read :slight_smile:


Although I will say how long you take a break at this point essentially at the beginning of November should also factor in when your goal events/time frame is for 2020.

I think as long as its not an A event prior to May 15th, two weeks ought to be ok.

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