End of Polarized Sweet Spot

I am in the final week of Polarized Sweet Spot and I did not see a recovery week after the final 2-week block. Should I take a rest week or jump into another plan?

Ed K

Hiya @edward.krasnai - what are you training for and when is it? The answer to those two questions helps us answer you.

If I had to guess you are ready for some race specific intervals per your discipline or event course:


I am just training to train and see how strong/fast I can get again. Maybe some end of summer/fall group rides but really just to lush myself. I am a 48 year old cat 2 with15 year old twins. Have not raced in 3 or 4 years due to their schedules. So, with covid and no kids sports, I gave had more time. Thanks for the response I love the podcast!

Ed K

Awesome @edward.krasnai - but are you a road racer, mtb’er , gravel? all the above?

Choose one of our intervals plans per the answer above to see how strong and fast you ‘can get’!

road only these days!

Aha - see now we are getting somewhere: get yourself on our road intervals plan next:

Get that anaerobic work in to capitalize on the the training you did in the sweet spot part 4 polarized


I bought the Road Racing Interval Training Plan yesterday and received all the emails from Fascat but have not received anything from Training Peaks. The process went smoothly last time but for some reason it is not working.


Hey @edward.krasnai , apologies for the delay. I just sent that plan your way so you should have an email waiting for you in your inbox to accept it :slight_smile: