Duathlon Training Plan

I’m doing an off-road duathlon (3 miles trail running, 13 miles mountain biking, 5 miles trail running) and am deciding between the Sweet Spot part 2 for Triathletes vs Mountain Biking. Any thoughts? I took a peak at the sample workouts for the triathlete one and its mostly swimming.



Hi Maria,

Yeah we don’t have specific duathlon plans unfortunately. Since swimming is 1/3 of a triathlon that is going to be 1/3 of the training in a triathlon plan.

Either way I would recommend you doing a sweet spot part 3 plan. Since you re doing a mountain bike ride between the running you will face more variable power as opposed to steady output. The sweet spot part 3 plans have these type of workouts.

The mountain bike XC plan would have a lot more higher intensity intervals and short burst. These can be good but since you have to run before and after the bike you most likely will be riding at a slightly lower intensity than just a full gas 13 mile mountain bike race.

I would just recommend the sweet spot 3 half triathlon plans, which the running might be a bit longer than you’d want but it should be ok. Instead of swimming you could substitute a zone 2 bike ride or run.

Thanks Jake! I have 18 weeks to the race, so I’m going to do part 2, then part 3 and then maybe the olympic distance 6weeks?