Double Workouts in the Hill climb Interval plan?

I just finished the the 18 wks sweetspot training, I loved it and know I got faster…
I’m waiting till after I do my FTP test next week to post a review.

I have a couple questions:
I just got the hill climb intervals plan to start next, and am wondering why there are 2 same day workouts on some of the weeks on Saturday:
Do I need to do both of the workouts?
If so, In the order they are in?
Or do I pick one of the and only do it?
See below:


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The plan acknowledges that you may not have a local group ride to ride on Saturday in which case do the climbing intervals.

Or also you may be ‘crispy cringle’ (tired mentally) from doing intervals and want to do a group ride - so we are giving you options to make your training optimal.


Excellent. Thanks for the quick response.
Time to #FTfP

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