Double day training

Hi guys,
I’m on the 32 week plan but have a question about maximising CTL during the sweet spot phase. In the past I’ve pushed CTL up quite high by training twice a day. I’m generally able to train first thing in the morning (1.5 hrs) and then, at least two or three times a week, in the evening as well (up to 2.5 hrs). So my question is… do you see training twice a day as being beneficial? and if so could you provide any guidance on how I should structure that during the sweet spot training phase? for example on the tempo or endurance days would it be a case of duplicating the same workout morning and evening? and on the more taxing sweet spot days, if I complete the sweet spot efforts in the morning, what (if anything) would you suggest I do in the evening?
Cheers, Paul.


Hi @paul.duncan - welcome to the Coalition.

Like a lot of questions we get on here, the answer is it depends and we need more information. What are you training for and when is that? What is your CTL now and what do you project it to be - and why? Do you have historical CTL to reference, etc…

Also how old you are , helps to and if you have kids and a 40+ career -if its sitting or standing/physical labor - that affects your recovery.

In short - its such a giant coaching question, we want to get all the information about you first before you stop FtFP’ing.

To be honest I’m not massively clued up about Training Peaks/TSS/CTL etc. in general. The reason I mention CTL was because I was under the (possibly incorrect) assumption that the idea is to get CTL as high as possible before then tapering to reduce fatigue/increase form. I’ve never really trained sweet spot before . More polarised I guess. So this year is more of a personal experiment to see how my fitness responds. Next year will be the year I get back to competition. My CTL is currently around the 120 mark (after a week off… but tends to hover around 140) and 155+ last Summer.
I’m 42 y/o, I do have kids but they aren’t young and don’t affect sleep/recovery etc. I have an office job so no physical labour involved, and I generally get adequate sleep (~8 hours) most nights. I eat well and seem to have a pretty high training tolerance and tend to recover quickly.
If CTL isn’t necessarily a relevant part of my question then forget I asked… I basically just want to look to maximise my fitness and wondered if adding some additional/separate training time each day would help me to do that.

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Okay - good info to know:

Here’s what I suggest - no need to do any double days - just be patient and follow your plan - it will ramp up at the right time.

It is only mid-February and you aren’t racing anytime soon - so FtFP, and there’s no need to ride more than your plans calls for.

That said - hope you get some good riding in this weekend!

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Okay sounds good. Thanks Frank.