Does a lower front end help to add watts?

Hi friends:

I hope this isn’t a silly question. I just ordered my first custom bike – a Breadwinner B Road. I am thinking of getting it set up a little shorter and more upright than my race bike.

My question is do you put out more power in an aero position? This will be shorter and more comfy for longer rides, but still racy.


Ideally you work on riding in an aero position to put out as many watts as a comfortable position. Sometimes aero positions can constrict movement and the ability to put out the same watts. This is why it’s important to do core and yoga work. Work on flexibility and ability to engage all muscles.

The aero position maybe faster just because you’re more aero. It will take more watts in an upright position to go the same speed.


No, you do not.

But, if you can hold the same watts in an aero position, you will go faster.