Do not have power meter

I do not have power meter and want to do my training with heart rate zones . Unfortunately when it is loaded to Garmin it uses power zones . Can you supply me with heart rate zones sheet only . I have purchased climbing intervals basic .


I’ll be happy to send you a spreadsheet with heart rate zones. Just email us.

You can also change the workouts from power based to heart rate based.

  1. Click on the workout
  2. Click on the workout graph
  3. On the pull down menu choose % of Threshold heart rate

Thanks . I will set it up as you mentioned in TP . What is the difference between % of Max heart rate and % of Threshold heart rate ? Which one is more advantageous ?

You should use % of threshold heart rate.

After looking and realizing how I have to change each activity one by one to use heart rate , could you send me the spreadsheet with heart rate zones please ?

Could you send me the heart rate zone spread sheet for this training please ? Lots to change them all .

I can’t send it here. You’ll need to send fascat an email and I’ll send you the heart rate zone spreadsheet.

Either help or jake

Sent it to you. Should be good to go now.