DIY Carb solution

I recognize this may be a ridiculous question but please entertain me: I’m interested in making my own carb solution. It appears that 60g/hr is the target and can be increased to 90 g/hr with training the gut. Maltodextrine to fructose at a ratio of 2:1 may make it easier to do this. I know there is debate about this and am not interested in that debate. My single question: is the the 2:1 ratio weight based (weigh out 40 g of malto and 20 g of fructose for a one hour solution) or actual grams of carbohydrate based?

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Hey @christianverry!
This is actually not ridiculous at all. It will be based on gram of carbohydrates and not weight of the product as other things contribute to weight of a product (e.g. fiber, water, protein etc. though the later won’t be in pure carbohydrate products).

The 2:1 ratio isn’t set in stone though simply because everyone’s absorption rates are different. So test out adding a little more fructose/glucose and see what you tolerate best. Feel free to drop in and let us know how it goes, cause I’m curious :slight_smile:

Also be sure to experiment with how much sodium you use in it! Usually 300-600mg is good for most. If you can find sodium citrate it is a better choice because it has a better absorption rate, along with quite a few other benefits.


I use two-parts Gatorade Mix with one part Maltodextrin by weight in ziplock bags. One 55-60 gram scoop per bottle is right around 200 calories. You could probably go up to 300 calories per bottle if you wanted. My last order from Amazon was just under $29 and makes approximately 45 200-calorie bottles.