Dirty Kansas 2020

Training plan advice.

Planing on Dirty Kansas 2020 but also I want to do Sugar Cane 200 and Land 100, my plan it is to do Sweet spot 1,2,3 and Gravel training plan for Sugar cane, So what will be you recommendation to do between Land and DK, taking in consideration that DK will be a race A and the other ones will be more training or Race B.

Btw, I’m not estrange to a long day on the bike, since I do a lot of bike packing races.

Thanks for any help on this matter.

So when will you be starting the Sweet Spot 1, 2 and 3 plan and then the Gravel plan.

Looks like Sugar Cane is end of January, Landrun 100 is mid March and DK200 is late May. So like 8 - 9 weeks between Landrun 100 and DK 200. I would repeat sweet spot 3 and the gravel plan. It’s all about your aerobic power. The important thing will be to get in those simulation rides and as close to 200 mile rides before DK200. Ideally getting as close to that mark 3 weeks before. Then start to taper down once two weeks out and rest.

Thanks Jake and actually I’m working on Sweet spot 2 right now, I have a bikepacking race 1st week December that I’ll be doing on the easy side, I was thinking work my way backward from Sugar Cane (June 25th) and stack my plan base on that day.

My only worry for you would be that is a lot of training without much of a break. It’s always good to have an offseason break at some point and even a midseason break which can vary depending on when your season starts.

Also beneficial would be some strength work. We have a couple of offseason plans that include resistance training.


You would want your first goal race to be at least 12 weeks after finishing the strength training.

But most of all when you put these plans together make sure you have a regeneration week every 4th week. Sometimes when you put plans together they won’t have that in it. The rest weeks are very important!! Volume needs to come way down.

But you are the right step. Just including a lot of sweet spot training and also those gravel simulation rides.

Best of luck.


Thank Jake, already have your resistance training and work really well, i did enjoy the gym part…

Thanks again and I’ll keep you posted.


Sorry, forget to mention that I took of riding from January until end of May, so I’m basically starting to build for next season.

Works backwards from when you want to be fast - apply your plans to your training calendar in TP:

Foundations > 10 weeks Resistance Training > 18 weeks of Sweet Spot > Race Specific Intervals.

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One more question: Should I use the gravel plan hilly or flat for DK, let’s take in consideration that I leave in TN and it is nothing flat around here…lol