Determining total time under power

Is there a simple way to determine how much time I’m producing power (pedaling) during a ride? Yes I can (and have) added up all the times listed for each Zone I was in to determine the amount of pedaling I was doing on a ride.

Hi Don - I have never thought of training like that but you can look at the amount of time at zero cadence. That time = not pedalling/making power and then subtract that from your total ride time.

We actually look at that for criteriums and long road races to measure energy conservation. As desribed i this crit racing training tip:

I ride a velomobile and I at times I can coast forever it seems. I’m curious as to what percentage I actually pedal or under power. I completed a 200K brevet on Saturday and interested to know. The last one I did I was under power 65% of the time.

Yes I look at it as energy conservation too!