Deriving FTP from ride/race data

from Quadzilla (Jamie)

I had a question about deriving FTP from ride/race data at elevation. I live and train in Boulder and did a gravel event this past weekend in winter park. (I followed your gravel training plan) One of the ‘race’ segments was almost exactly 1 hr and went from about 7900’ to 10,200’. Over 57:30, I had a NP of 320W, avg power of 317W. Also this was the best 1hr power avg I’ve had, according to TrainingPeaks. Is there a way to extract an updated FTP from this data that accounts for the high elevation? Thanks!


See my 452 TSS bike workout. I did 101 mi in 9:16:20.

Hi Jamie ! Great question and your new FTP is at least 320w strong text. You proved your can do make 320w for at least an hour from your race data. This is the exact deductive reasoning we podcasted about in our " HOW TO MEASURE FTP IMPROVEMENT WITH NORMALIZED POWER"

And the news get better since you were at altitude because when you come back down to the Front Range about 2-3,000 feet lower your threshold is probably 2-3% higher at home.

Unfortunately there is no way to calculate how much higher only in theory and principle. The is an altitude adjustment chart in WKO4/5 I think that will re-calculate your power with altitude using the GPS elevation data but its based off the same 2-3% in theory.

Nice work!

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