Deleting unused Training Peaks plans?

Anyone know how to remove old unused plans from training peaks? Before Fascat I tried a few others that are now clutter. But there’s no clear option for deleting.

just as you ‘apply’ the plans from your training plan library you may ‘unapply’ them to

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Thanks Frank. I should be more clear. I mean removing them from the library on the left not the calendar.

To my knowledge @steveutaski you as an athlete cannot delete the plan from your library, only remove it from your calendar. However you can contact the coach that shared the plans that you wish to delete and ask them to unshare them with you. That will remove them from your library.

Ok, thanks. Will see what I can do!

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I did this a few months back and had contact with TrainingPeaks support. Was pretty easy, just specify which plans you no longer want and they’ll delete them from your library.

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