Dealing with a Sunday Holiday

Mother’s Day is coming up and I want to be fully present that day. So, looking to have the whole day as a recovery day.

Currently on Road Race/Crit plan. This would be week 3 of that plan.

What is better? Take Friday off then go ridiculously hard with extra timeSaturday?

Or, put Sunday’s workout to Friday - giving a 5 day block.


… or Saturday workout to Friday, Sunday workout to Saturday. 5 day block

Thursday off. Saturday on Friday and Sunday workout to Saturday. Could also just cut Thursday short, hour max and low zone 2. Need energy for Friday and Saturday.

Best if any possibility to get up super early and do short workout Sunday. That would be #FtFP. But have to keep momma happy!!

Ha! Yes, want to keep mama happy. Especially when the following weekend I’m going out of town for the whole weekend biking.

That is a good coaching question that will offer in with our coaching subscriptions rolling out in 1-2 weeks but in the meantime here’s how to adjust your plan.

Also I have a lot of athletes waking up early this Sunday to get in their workout/ride before Mom wakes up :slight_smile: