Dead Training Peaks links

Hi Coaches,

The 2 links below are dead:

  1. -

  2. Read about our Running Workouts:

Anyway to bring them back to life?


Searching the FasCat site, I found these that may be related:

*Nope…I cut and pasted entire address which included the dash. Since the dash was the first character in TP link, any cut-and-paste is going to go south from the get-go.

Thanks for the search…just prefer links that work in a training program I paid for.

What source do you have where you found those links?

  • I ask because it seems like FasCat would need to know that specific TrainingPeaks source, in order to correct any error with them.
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The source was an email from FasCat asking me to accept their program into my TP Workout Library which I did. I then populated my calendar w/ the program. The daily workouts w/i my calendar contained the bad links.

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I have the same plan. The CX running workout link is definitely down. The dash in front of the remount link is not presenting an issue on my end.
See the attached screenshot. Screenshot_20210819-074713_TrainingPeaks|690x283


Hey @judson.speer - thanks for pointing this out.
I have updated the bike radar link in the training plan to eliminate the “-” so it works for everyone and have created a redirect link so that the link for the run workouts works as well :slightly_smiling_face: