Dead legs on the bike

Is sudden, like overnight, dead legs that last weeks something that can happen?

It’s been almost 2 weeks and my legs still feel dead. I didn’t feel like I was over training at all.

Help, this is seriously screwing with me.


Hi Matt - can you post the last 2 weeks of your TrainingPeaks calendar from the desktop view and we can take alook and maybe see what’s up?

It is also helpful to know:
what plan you are on
what you are training for
and then all the recovery stuff - like nutrition and sleep - as in are you getting 8 hours of sleep each night?

Then there are lifestyle considerations like kids, career - what you do for work , stress, etc…

It ALL factors in so we gotta know more to help ya -

Hi Frank,

Sure thing…per your request:

  • I uploaded my TrainingPeaks calendar starting with Monday 2/10 through today.
  • I started Sweet Spot 2 on 2/10.
  • Previously I completed the 10 week multi-sport strength program and Sweet Spot 1.
  • My plan was to do Sweet Spot 3 as the final training block leading in to my next race on 5/31.
  • My FTP has been increasing and I was feeling very strong on the bike.
  • I had a solid workout 2/18 and then could only manage 30 min of scheduled 90 the next day.
  • I should add my perceived effort for my bike on 2/22 was HIGH even though it was at lower than prescribed numbers.

Other stuff…

  1. I work from home. My work has been stressful but has been that way since last year.
  2. Have not been sleeping particularly well.
  3. I could always eat cleaner, but typically eat well and have no problem eating enough.
  4. My winter weight is about average (165 to 170). I will be 10-15 lbs lighter this summer.
  5. I do causally drink alcohol. To be honest, probably indulged more lately than usual.
  6. I have an 8 and 10 year old and there is always something going on.

Hi @matthewbader fatigue from training is usually a combination of several factors like the ones you listed above. Your weekly CTL summary says that your CTL is 156 which is extraordinary high. That’s like end of a three week grand tour HIGH.

I suspect your FTP is set too low and all that running and swimming ontop of your biking is catching WAY up. Your weekly hours look good but something is amiss with the TSS. When was the last time you took a rest week? If greater than 3 weeks, I suggest that and see if that doesn’t alleviate your fatigue when you return to the bike.

Hope that helps -

Hi Frank,

Thank you for your input. I found the issue with my CTL. My Stryd recorded a TSS of 9999 on 1/19 for a run, obviously wrong. When adjusted my CTL weekly summary adjusted to:

  • 59 CTL on 1/27
  • 68 CTL on 2/3
  • 72 CTL on 2/10 (started SS2 with new FTP)
  • 69 CTL on 2/17 (week I started having the issue)

Agree how stressors can impact quality of workouts. I have not taken any time off since beginning the 10 week strength program. I will take time to recover this week.


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