Dang VO2 Max Intervals

Week One: 2 x 2 x 3 min ~ 255-260 W
Week Two: 2 x 2 x 4 min ~ 255-260 W…BUT, I ran out of juice on the last interval with 90 seconds remaining.

Now, in week three…reduce watts or ??? Happy to try to maintain 255-260 W for 5 min…but I am realistic that the 4 min efforts were already really hard (see power data from last week).



Hiya @stephen.clarke - sounds like you went to failure which is a GREAT thing:

When you fail at VO2’s and learn from that you make progress. Some call it ‘failing forward’

In the case of your next 5 minute VO2 workout, this is why we preach & advocate going as hard as you can by feel (not by numbers) with all you got on that particular day. This is what I call 'FULL GAS". The training plan has set you up for success so just go for it and unleash your inner Peter Sagan or whoever your favorite World Tour rider is and dominate those intervals!

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