Daily Supplements for 50+

Greetings fascats… I wanted to see what daily supplements folks take especially those of us who are close to or beyond 50. I currently take:
Vitamin D
CBD (50mg)

Are there others I should be taking?. I have heard creatine…

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I’m in the creatine for life camp. I take 5 grams daily in the off season right now when I’m less concerned about my weight from water held on the muscles. I’ll drop to 2.5 grams in May before my first race in June.

I think maintaining your strength as a more experienced human. Harder to get it back as we get more candles on the cake.

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hi @bryangeeotr

have you ever done a dietary analysis to see what nutrients you might be lacking? You might be able to reduce what supplements you take on a daily basis. For example, you might only need to take the multivitamin every 2nd or even 3rd day.