Cyclocross Season Planning

2019 Cyclocross calendars are published in MABRA… we have multiple series (MAC, VACX, Sportif, Super8, etc) to choose from.

How many races can I do? Please share your thoughts on planning a season/schedule.

Thank you.

Some of this depends on your ultimate goal. Is your goal just to race as much as possible, perform well in one series or ultimately nationals?

Racing every weekend you can follow the in season cyclocross plan. But racing every weekend the focus is on racing and recovery. You tend to lose some fitness you’ve built up. Or you could train through some races and go into them fatigued and only taper for your goal races. That is my suggestion. You pick a few races or one series and target that. Rest into those the rest of them don’t change your training around.

@Jake good feedback.

My goals are to race well in a particular series. There are 6 races in it. But there are 3-4 other races that I would enjoy doing. I’m planning for about 10 races.

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10 races are not too many, especially if they are spaced out a bit.

For your target race series, 6 races, you will want the typical 2 day you rest day, and openers the day before. Maybe only 1 hard workout during the week. With the other races you can stick to your normal training week. Typically Tuesday and Wednesday intervals, Thursdays skills and Friday rest. If possible one benefit is to get a longer weekend ride in to keep your fitness up.

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What Coach @Jake describes is in our “In Season Cyclocross Plan” - the premise being to use the races as training and recover inbetween with just one hard workout mid-week.

Per the one long ride a week, in a ideal world you’d get to race Saturday and then do a fun, productive endurance ride on Sunday. Rest Monday - and so forth.

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I’m planning a season where I have a few races with big goals (nats, Pan Ams). I’m going to get set up with the coaching subscription because I think my plan needs some customizing. First though (before I use up my once-per month question) I have purchased and was planning to follow the In Season Cyclocross Plan after I finish the CX Intervals and then finish the season off with 6 weeks to Nats. I’m second-guessing the In Season plan based on your reply to Jake. Would you still recommend it ? Thanks.

Yes, the in-season plan then the plan to lead you to Nats will be right. Some modifications will likely be needed, but this is the foundation.